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KLA Schools Growth Plan through Acquisitions

As part of our growth and expansion plan, KLA Schools is now considering strategic acquisitions to be part of its family of schools. Our plan is part of a strategy to increase our brand presence all over the country by offering our unique benefits to communities where The Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Childhood Education is still unknown.

The idea of expanding through acquisitions was born from the fact that the focus of the childcare industry is moving to not only include quality of care, but quality of education and curriculum. Usually the time and resources needed to develop existing childcare centers, in addition to the long term commitment and journey that education requires, has presented an opportunity for current owners and operators to see in KLA Schools the right organization to take over their operations and grow them together with current and future generations.

It is for these situations that KLA Schools through its acquisitions program plans to help current childcare business owners through a smooth transition of ownership that allows the owner to complete a successful exit from the business. On the other side, this transition allows KLA to continue operating the preschool/childcare in a way which preserves the basis of the organization, while enhancing its curriculum to be inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach.

The mission of KLA Schools is to provide a safe, affordable, upscale environment and high quality education for the students of our communities. We would like to continue pursuing our mission through an acquisition strategy that meets the following criteria:

  • Geography: US territory
  • Financials: 12 month positive EBITDA and cash flow
  • Size: Minimum 7,000 Sq. Ft (Unless there is room for expansion). There is no maximum Sq. Ft.

KLA Schools completed its first acquisition at the end of 2015. We acquired the Prospect Latin Preschool in the North East part of Louisville, KY in the city of Prospect. The school operates on 1.5 acres of land and on 9,000 Sq. Facility. The school has a capacity of 130 children from infant/toddlers to Kindergarten. The company is in the process of acquiring a second school in the North East regions and looking at alternatives in other states in the West Coast.

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The acquisition process


KLA Schools support staff is extensively qualified and experienced in the inner workings of preschools from operational to educational aspects. Thus, our staff understands and respects that during an acquisition process it is imperative to maintain strict confidentiality so that the business operates normally throughout the due diligence process. KLA Schools ensures not only to engage with every stakeholder in order to reach a successful transition of the business, but also to guarantee a smooth transition for staff, families, and the students as the organization moves to new ownership.

Once the acquisition is completed, the KLA Schools team will commit itself to providing each one of the acquired school staff with the continuity and the tools necessary to continue to operate efficiently while offering a quality early childhood education program.


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Selling to KLA Schools

KLA Schools is a company that has been in the market for 9 years. The founders are educators and operators themselves. Throughout these years we have assured all of our stakeholders that we have the capabilities to grow responsibly with a proven curriculum that can assure a children’s ability to excel on their future endeavors. We would like to further this commitment by offering other preschool operators the possibility to sell their centers to our family of schools. Selling their preschools will give owners the following benefits:

  1. The possibility of recovering their investment in their business to retire or pursue other goals.
  2. Be certain that their educational legacy will be maintained and improved with KLA Schools.
  3. The commitment to preserve the jobs of the school’s staff.
  4. Introduce to their existing program the Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Childhood Education.
  5. A smooth transition of management and operations.

Our Team

Roberto Ortega

Roberto Ortega is the founder and President of KLA Schools, where he is responsible for the development, operations and oversight of multiple high-performing preschools in the U.S. His scope of work encompasses the growth of the franchise arm of the company as well as the pool of corporate owned locations. Under his leadership, he manages a team of executives and educators with a passion for providing high-quality early childhood education.

Candy Ortega

Mrs. Candelaria Ortega is the co-founder of KLA Schools. She has been the Director of the first school since the company opened in 2008. Mrs. Ortega became the Pedagogical Director of the KLA School Franchise in 2010 to support the corporate owned and franchise centers. As the Pedagogical Director of KLA Schools, Mrs. Ortega supervises the development and implementation of the philosophy and curriculum of KLA Schools. She is also responsible for the continuous improvement of the curriculum and professional development initiatives.

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